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UI/UX Designer for B2B SaaS (Full-time)

  • Full-time

Posted on May 10, 2024

πŸ”Ž Resleeve is seeking a talented UI/UX Designer full-time to enrich our team by crafting user-centric designs for our state-of-the-art fashion tech platform. This role is for someone with demonstrated experience in designing B2B SaaS tools, who is passionate about creating intuitive, engaging, and visually appealing user experiences.

πŸ‘—πŸ“Έ At Resleeve, we leverage cutting-edge generative AI to redefine fashion creation and marketing. As our UI/UX Designer, you will play a pivotal role in shaping how users interact with our tools, enhancing user satisfaction and driving user engagement through your design expertise.

🧠 Key Responsibilities:

  • Design Development: Conceptualize and create intuitive and effective UI/UX designs for our B2B SaaS platform.

  • User Research: Conduct user research to gather insights and understand user needs, behaviors, and pain points.

  • Prototyping and Testing: Develop wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs, testing them for usability and making iterative improvements.

  • Collaboration: Work closely with product managers and developers to ensure design vision is translated into functional features.

  • Design Systems: Maintain and evolve design systems to ensure consistency across all platforms and touchpoints.

  • Feedback Integration: Actively incorporate user and stakeholder feedback into design revisions to enhance product functionality and aesthetic appeal.

πŸ• Culture:

  • Innovation: Drive continuous improvement and innovation in design practices and methodologies.

  • Collaboration: Engage in a collaborative, feedback-driven culture that values each team member’s contributions.

  • User-Centricity: Commit to a user-first approach in all design and decision-making processes.

  • Excellence: Strive for excellence in every detail of your work, setting the bar high for design and usability.

  • Adaptability: Adapt to evolving project requirements and user needs with agility and creativity.

🎯 Ideal Candidate:

  • Proven Experience: Demonstrable experience in UI/UX design within a B2B SaaS context, preferably in tech or fashion-related industries.

  • Portfolio: A strong portfolio showcasing your design process, understanding of user-centered design principles, and successful projects.

  • Tools: Proficiency in design and prototyping tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, InVision, and others.

  • Communication: Excellent communication skills to articulate design concepts and rationales.

  • Problem-Solving: Strong analytical skills to address UX challenges and craft elegant solutions.

πŸ“… Timeline

  • Immerse yourself in understanding our platform, products, and user base. Start initial design evaluations and minor updates.

  • Take full ownership of several design projects, from research through to implementation, focusing on enhancing user experience and interface.

  • Successfully revamp major components of our platform, achieving measurable improvements in user engagement and satisfaction.

πŸ› οΈ Requirements:

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in UI/UX design, particularly in a B2B SaaS environment.

  • A portfolio that displays a deep understanding of design aesthetics and user-centered approaches.

  • Experience conducting user research and translating insights into design decisions.

  • Proficient with modern design tools and software.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Location:

  • Resleeve is remote-first. We welcome candidates from any location, provided they can maintain a working schedule compatible with Central European Time (CET) business hours.

πŸ’Ό Company Benefits:

  • 🌎 Work from anywhere – fully remote setup.

  • πŸ’Έ $4k per month

  • πŸ“š Opportunities for professional growth and advancement.