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Intern DevOps GCP (Full-time)

  • Devops & Sysadmin
  • Full-time
  • Eindhoven, NL
  • Remote
  • 500 - 1K USD a month

Posted on May 7, 2024

Intern DevOps GCP

🔎 Resleeve is looking for an intern DevOps for Google Cloud Platform full-time who wants to revolutionize fashion! As an intern devops, you pride yourself on deploying machine learning and keeping infrastructure operational in high loads.

👗📸 With Resleeve’s generative AI, users can generate infinite unique clothing designs. Also, simply from a single garment photo, our application can craft an entire photoshoot. One of the world's premier generative AI systems that is dedicated to fashion only.

🧠 Some of the early challenges you could be working on:

  • You will use Pulumi to deploy our entire stack, you may set-up new infrastructure with pulumi

  • You will use agrocd to deploy backend and AI workloads to kubernetes

  • You will set-up grafana, prometheus, sentry and GCP stack for instrumentation

  • You will roll out new features continuously, delivering high-business-impact

  • You will get a unique opportunity to develop the infrastructure for an incredible Generative AI product

  • You will work directly with the CTO and the senior tech team

🏕 Culture

  • Joy, having joy in what you’re doing is essential to your personal happiness.

  • Ego, we leave it at the door. You can be confident, not cocky.

  • Move fast, we’re a startup that's trying to expand technological boundaries.

  • Ownership, you take full responsibility for your tasks. The team is dependent on one another to move forward all together.

  • Champions League, we aim to be at the top of the top.

  • Create value, we keep our customers in mind in everything we do and always seek to over-deliver in their expectations.

  • Mentorship and guidance, all our interns get onboarded onto the acceleration program. The acceleration program is aimed at getting up to speed with the rest of the team. Our senior tech team developed it leveraging years of experience across start-ups and large companies.

👾 Our tech stack

  • Pulumi in Python for Infrastructure as code

  • Prometheus and google logging for logs

  • Sentry for error tracking and tracing

  • Argocd, Helm and Kustomize for kubernetes deployments

  • Cloudflare workers, CDN and WAF

  • Typescript, Next.JS, React, Konva.JS, Tailwind, and Vite for front-end

  • Go echo, and Python, and MongoEngine

  • MongoDB and Redis for DB

  • an REST to talk between between front-end and back-end

  • GCP as cloud providers

  • PyTorch for deep learning

  • Stripe for payment

  • Auth0 for authentication

🎯 You will be a good fit if….

  • You like to wear many hats. We are a small team with a lot of things to figure out. You are comfortable in such an environment.

  • You care about outcomes rather than outputs.

  • You want to participate in our acceleration program to help you grow at a rapid pace.

📅 Week by week…

During the first week, you will:

  • Get to know our leadership, culture and values

  • Onboard with the app team

  • Ship your first commit on day 1

  • Take on 1-2 small tickets to address bugs or make minor improvements

During your first six weeks, you will:

  • Ship your first significant project

  • Write your first blog post

  • Test out your fashion concepts in Resleeve.

During your first six months, you will:

  • Work with our product team and growth team to scope and ship products for our customers

🛠️ Requirements:

  • Proficient in either Python or Go

  • Basic knowledge of K8 and managing a K8 cluster via terminal

  • Prometheus

  • Docker

  • Experience with Helm or Kustomize are also a big pro as well as gitops

  • You are eager to learn more

🗺️ Where are you located

Resleeve is remote first. We have team members ranging from New York to the Netherlands.

  • You’re located in a time zone between Istanbul, Turkey and Chicago

Company benefits

🌎 We’re remote-first. Work from wherever you want, within between Astana and Chicago

💸 US$500 to US$ 1000 per month based on experience - possible conversion to visa-sponsored full-time job in the Netherlands

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 3 hours with Amsterdam, Netherlands